Q: Why Learn Chinese?

Brossard Chinese School offers Chinese language and culture courses to adults and children whose mother tongue is not Chinese

Q: Is it important to learn the chinese culture?

Brossard Chinese School offers Chinese cultural courses and in fact is one of very few schools which  integrates culture courses in its curriculum.

Q: Why and how do we choose a Chinese school?

I can teach my children at home, since I know the language.
Many parents have found it is not easy to teach one own children the skills they have. One needs discipline and a lot of patience. There are many distractions that will interfere with your pedagogical objectives. Going to school provides the environment of seeing how other children are studying and the regularity of homework and evaluations provide some kind of competitive spirit to excel. 
This also provides a sense of camaraderie which very often motivates them to continue together until graduation.


My neighbor can get a group of children and teach them.
Though there is a group of children together, they do not get to enjoy many of the assets of a structured environment,  the real ambiance for learning, the various facilities available e.g. the various other courses which may include Chinese culture: calligraphy, kungfu, diabolo. In addition, the opportunities to perform on stage will give them a sense of self confidence and team spirit.


Criteria for choice of a suitable school
The school should have a good established reputation and history with a well balanced curriculum of language and culture (preferably integrated) without parents having to worry what culture courses they have to take additionally. It should provide a wide range of perspective  so they will appreciate the rich heritage of the 5,000 years of history including the various legends , idioms, art and calligraphy.

However, other considerations could include distance to travel, time is important and in short supply. Do we want to fight traffic,  road blocks due to construction and hunt for paid  parking?

It will be much easier if it is my neighborhood so I can use the time after dropping them in school.  I can spend the time they are in school to catch up or my housework or relax at home. Similarly the children do not waste valuable time spent in travel (or traffic jams).

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