Welcome to Brossard Chinese School 25th anniversary – our major milestone.


It has been a great privilege for me to have founded this school with a group of good friends some 25 years ago. They are Maili Lo, Huang Ai Hwa, Cheng Ji Guang, Tin Yuen Kwan and Li Guang Zhen. I am grateful for their confidence to bestow me the honor to lead this school for 23 of the 25 years (2001-2003 Sharon Yin was principal).


As a non-profit organisation, the mission of the school is to encourage the learning of Chinese language (Mandarin) and Chinese culture. We welcome students from different races and origins including students whose mother tongue is not Chinese.  Our classes are on Saturdays for 2-3 hours. In order to help students to overcome their challenges to mastering the Chinese language each student is provided with a “bring the teacher home” multimedia cd/dvd to review their school work during the week. 


Brossard Chinese School is probably the only school in Canada which offers an integrated cultural curriculum from Grades 1-12. In addition to the 2 hour language class, students participate in 1 hour of culture class carefully planned based on their ages and skill levels. The cultural activities range from Chinese painting, kungfu, Chinese history and many more so that parents do not have to worry or pay extra to plan their extra curricular activities. In this way our students have a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese culture by the time they graduate.


To respond to requests of parents who need assistance for their children’s homework, we offer tutorials in English (a very important international language tool which requires more attention than what most schools can offer), French and Mathematics. Elementary Mathematics, a Maths program from Singapore and adopted by many US schools forms the basis of our Maths tutorial. 


In addition, an affiliate of the school, Academie Horizon, offers a multi-language summer camp where campers can continue their learning in English, French, Mandarin and Maths in fun filled activities. They also learn presentation skills and gain self confidence when they put on a performance at the end of each session.


Brossard Chinese School serves as a liaison to foster a better understanding among the communities. BCS has participated in many cultural community events eg Festin Culturel, Samedi en Fête organised by the city of Brossard, Journée de la Culture, Chinese New Year at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. In addition, it helped to celebrate Brossard 50th anniversary.


Our students are made aware of their good fortunes and to share them with the less fortunate regardless of race or origins. Every year, either in our Chinese New Year celebrations, our Awards ceremonies or when the need arises, we raised funds for Sun Youth, Telethon-Foundation of Stars for the Research on Children’s diseases, Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain, a local women’s shelter and the President’s Choice Children’s Charity.  We have contributed to the Haiti, Sichuan, Taiwan Earthquake disaster funds and Lac Megantic rail disaster funds. For our 25th anniversary celebrations we have raised funds for the Fort McMurray fire victims and Doctors without Borders,


We are grateful to the city of Brossard for its support throughout the existence of the school in the many services provided for the school, summer camp and other activities. In addition, we deeply appreciate the support of the Overseas Community Affairs Council Republic of China (Taiwan) and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Canada for the educational materials, training of our faculty and administration members locally and in Taiwan and providing specialist teachers in our summer camps allowing our children to learn from the experts the Chinese cultures in folk dance, sports and arts and crafts. Our heart-felt gratitude goes to the Embassy and Consulate of the People’s Republic of China for educational materials with a generous donation of library books and training workshops locally and in China for both the teaching and administrative staff.


My gratitude goes to our faculty members and volunteers whose dedication to our children deserves my respectful salute.   The cooperation of parents to supervise closely their children’s work during the week to achieve the necessary progress and their untiring efforts to send their children each week in snow or shine are our models to emulate. Our sincere appreciation to our sponsors who generously support our charity drives.


Thank YOU for your support in making Brossard Chinese School’s 25 years a GREAT success.


Yours truly


Diana Low


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