School Address: 3055 Boulevard Rome, Brossard, QC J4Y 1S9

Brossard Chinese School is a non profit organization established in 1991. Our mission is to promote the learning of Chinese language (Mandarin) and culture. In addition we also strive to promote a better understanding among the different communities.

Brossard Chinese School is the only Chinese School that offers the language and culture in an integrated curriculum. Parents do not have to plan or search for these cultural courses or pay additional fees (e.g. kungfu, chinese folk dance, etc.) They are all integrated in the 12 years of the curriculum.

In addition, students gain self-confidence, stage presence and presentation skills in their oral presentations and annual performance.

The courses are offered at Ecole Sec. Antoine Brossard, 3055 Rome, Brossard (see map) on Saturdays. We also provide English, French and Maths tutorials as a service to help improve these skills in our student community.

Chinese, English and French are also offered to adults/parents. Other activities include line dance, tai-chi, chinese painting, calligraphy, yoga.

Our multi-language summer camp provides fun-filled educational activities to invigorate the summer idle hours.

Who are we?     [Poster!]

Come join us for an engaging winter camp filled with  activities and experiments!